Majical Cloudz: "Bugs Don't Buzz"

Majical Cloudz:

Originally recorded when Majical Cloudz' brainchild Devon Welsh didn't have a project in mind-- 2008, to be exact-- "Bugs Don't Buzz" is arguably the most straightforward, personal track the project has released to date. As Welsh mentioned on his Tumblr this morning: 

"When I first wrote it the lyrics didn’t mean that much to me, they just kind of came out. I didn’t consider it anything special... Then for a long while after that I lost confidence in my ability to write songs, and during this time my friend used “Bugs Don’t Buzz” as an example of why I had made beautiful things and shouldn’t be so hard on myself."

If anything, "Bugs Don't Buzz" acts as an incredibly personal statement of intent for the Majical Cloudz moniker as a whole. Welsh's voice is as upfront as it's ever been, gliding over a two-chord piano lullaby peeling off into the distance with bandmate Matthew Otto contributing his most subtle use of feedback and low-end to date. Even without the history behind the tune, this is a strikingly intimate cut. You can stream "Bugs Don't Buzz" below, and download it here.

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