M ax Noi Mach: "The Big Baby"

M ax Noi Mach:

Cabaret Voltaire is a name that rarely comes up in discussions of Robert Joseph Antonio Francisco's (aka M ax Noi Mach) work. As lazy as it may seem to directly connect the work of a current artist to one of the past, the clipped  speaker beats, grinding textures, and agonized vocals of “The Big Baby” evokes, in the best possible way, the haunting quality of Richard H. Kirk and co.’s proto-industrial singles of the late ‘70s. This track, like most of the pieces found on Raw Elements: 1999-2009, a soon-to-be released collection of Francisco’s more lo-fi work, carries that forward even more, filling the room with the feeling that there’s someone or something creeping up behind you even as it compels you to get up and dance.

Raw Elements will be released July 17th on Handmade Birds.

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