Listen to a Full Stream of LXV's "Asylum/Theophany" EP

Listen to a Full Stream of LXV's

The title of the newest release from Philadelphia based ambient producer David Sutton a.k.a. LXV refers to two ancient words that have strong faith-related or religious overtones: "asylum" is the place where one can seek rest and refuge. "Theophany" refers to an act of a deity's appearance in front of a human being. Combined it with an ascetic depiction of a desert on the album's cover it creates an atmosphere of katharsis, an endurance in a raw, dry land that strains the body and drowns the ears in a wall of warm, pulsing, noisy piano deconstructions or washes of distorted recordings á la Tim Hecker. The ambient sounds are sometimes crashed with field recordings, like the heavy sounds of digging in rocky ground disturb the delicate tapestry of synthesized bliss. A deeply cinematic album, bridging the gap between the past and the future, somewhere between the industrial wastelands of "Red Desert" and the early 20th century desert paradise of "There Will Be Blood".

Asylum/Theophany is available now on Soft Abuse.

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