LVL UP are streaming a new 7", Three Songs

LVL UP: Three Songs

Over the course of the past few years, LVL UP has definitely managed to make a mark on Brooklyn's music scene. Half of the band runs Double Double Whammy and the other half helps run DIY venue David Blaine's The Steakhouse (DBTS, for short). They've released two acclaimed records, have multiple notable side projects, and they've earned a heavy amount of admiration both inside and outside of New York. Recently, LVL UP struck a deal with the increasingly prolific Run For Cover Records to release a 7" of new songs, aptly titled Three Songs, for their upcoming US tour (one that includes a stretch of dates with Run For Cover act Basement). In typical LVL UP fashion, each of the songs contained on the 7" ("The Closing Door", "Blur", and "Proven Water Rites", respectively) are spearheaded by an individual member of the band's rotating trio of songwriters. Broader in scope, more heavily atmospheric, and considerably moodier than anything in the band's catalog, Three Songs represents a startling new front for the band. Each of the songs on display in the 7" comes off as winsomely bruising, managing to further the band's singular identity rather than lose it in what proves to be a fair amount of subversion. For as bleak as it frequently is ("Blur", the middle track, offers a brief reprieve),Three Songs can't help but come off as utterly charming.

Listen to Three Songs over at The AV Club, who are premiering the 7", and pre-order the record ahead of its September 11 release date from Run For Cover Records and Double Double Whammy. The band will have copies of the 7" with them on their upcoming tour, which ends at Irving Plaza on August 17.

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