Long Distance Poison: "Signal II"

On a "voyage ever-upward, utilizing theoretical physics and astronomy to quite literally reach for the stars," the Brooklyn trio, Long Distance Poison, obviously senses their diminutive relationship to the cosmos. In a big way, this is reflected in their very pursuit of minimal drone. Not many bother with the boring-as-hell-on-paper strain of music, but those who do-- read Grasshopper, God Destroyer, Kevin Drumm-- tend to be the reigning masters of out-there music, Long Distance Poison included. But Drumm is the only individual mentioned-- the groups see their members melding into one psyche to make one sound. Interaction is key, and it's appropriate that even the video-- shots of colorful water, the lighthouse's shining beacon-- acts as another force within the music.

Signals to a Habitable Zone, and its companion DVD, is out June 26 on Fin Records.

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