LODRO Share Heated, Sprawling Debut Full-Length LORD O

LODRO Share Heated, Sprawling Debut Full-Length LORD O

Together, LODRO have grown into somewhat of a persona. Having released a mere handful of songs since their inception in Bushwick's Market Hotel in 2013, they’ve nonetheless achieved a distinctive sound, the personal embodiment of a very particular dark, Tarantino-esque atmosphere. The trio, which includes former members of Friends and Royal Baths, bring scalding guitar riffs and pounding drums up against cold, foreboding vocal melodies from Lesley Hann and Jeremy Cox to sinister effect. On their debut full-length—titled LORD O, in an aptly wicked-sounding joke—the heat swells, and the noise they’ve made is markedly more intense. It’s sultry and sprawling, immediately evocative of a drive out west and suitably wide in range.

The opener, “TXS H8RS”, is LODRO’s best display of psychedelia, picking up speed with the delayed vocals impatient against the rippling guitar and rolling drums. Alongside rousing tracks like this are slower burners like “Song For Brian Wilson”, which still can’t resist a gripping descending guitar solo at its apex. Throughout, Tyler Thacker's percussion is high in the mix, anchoring Hann’s and Cox’s voices into a steady groove. The vocals are saccharine until they’re not—“Sewn Up” brings the record into its most menacing territory, lines like the not-quite-erotic “Trying to keep you long enough to sew you up” muffled and strange against the swing of the warped guitar. The record teems with feedback and grit; LODRO tracked the bass, guitar, and drums simultaneously to an analog reel-to-reel in their Brooklyn living room, overdubbing only vocals and some percussion. A fitting debut full-length for a band who've made their name playing shows, LORD O captures the sense of a live set beautifully—there’s enough mess to make it feel raw without subtracting any clarity.

LORD O is out today, self-released and available on iTunes.

They're playing a release show at Sunnyvale on Thursday March 31st with Heaven's Gate and GODXSS.

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