Lockbox: "Your Move"


Emblematic of his messy upcoming Prince Soul Grenade, Lockbox's "Your Move" changes gears several times, shuffling through similar-but-singular maximalist drum 'n' bass-inflected sketches, punctuated here and there by an emphatic voice proclaiming: "your move." But whose move is it? The listener's, perhaps, although Lockbox-- a.k.a. Denver's Jesse Briata-- might be challenging himself, forcing himself to keep doing something newer, better. On the frenetic, psychedelic, dancefloor-ready "Your Move," he does exactly that-- the track's final two sections, though short, are its most dizzyingly, bafflingly satisfying. And Briata's only nineteen years old, which, depending on your stance, is either very exciting or cause for Mothers Against Noise to intervene. Kids these days...

Prince Soul Grenade is out January 28 on Hausu Mountain.

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