Listen to a New Mix by Ital Tek

Listen to a New Mix by Ital Tek

Brighton-based producer Ital Tek released a new mini-album entitled Control on Planet Mu earlier this month. A follow up to last year's Nebula Dance, the record expands upon Ital Tek's atmospheric, sci-fi inflected take on footwork and drum & bass. Ital Tek has shared with us a new mix and some insight into the making of Control and the origins of his relationship with Planet Mu. You can check out the tracklist of the mix below the jump.

Ad Hoc: How did you first become involved with Planet Mu?

Ital Tek: It was a bit of a random occurrence I think. I had a music page on Myspace back in about 2006 and I believe Mike Paradinas just came across some of my tunes on there. A friend of mine who used to release records on Planet Mu put us in touch and he asked me to do an EP which ended up being my first release "Blood Line". It was all fairly quick, I just sent over everything I was working on at the time and we chose those 4 tracks. It was funny because my mates had been telling me to send Planet Mu these tracks anyway and I just kept saying that I didn't think they would be interested. So luckily it worked out for the best anyway!

Ad Hoc: Do you have a specific process for making tracks? Do you tend to make tracks quickly and all at once, or gradually over time?

IT: I've always got a lot of tracks on the go at any one time. I tend to try and work as fast as possible, as when I'm feeling inspired it can disappear very quickly. The initial idea or hook of a track has to be finished in one session for me. So I'll have lots of rough demos which are the starting points for tracks that I can go back to at a later date and finish. I find the more technical and production side of things can be done whenever really. I'll be going between lots of demos, finishing a bit, moving onto another. I'm not a fan of hammering a tune for weeks at a time. It's easy to kill the vibe doing that. When I have done that, my label often just want to use the original version anyway, which is usually for the best.

Ad Hoc: What were some artists and records you had on heavy rotation while working on Control?

IT: I don't know if it at all was an influence, but my favourite record this year without a doubt is the John Wizards album. I've listened to that so much. It was just all I wanted to listen to for quite a while! Also I've been really feeling new stuff by Laurel Halo, Fracture, Special Request. I go through phases of not really checking out new music for a while, typically when I'm busy recording and writing myself. But when I've finished a project I'll go into overload and just listen to as much as I can.

Ad Hoc: The artwork for Control is very evocative. How does it relate to the music and title of the record?

IT: Yeah the artwork is amazing I think. It's a piece by Austrian artist Peter Olschinsky. He works in a partnership and I've been a fan of their work for a while now. I sent an email saying I loved it and [asked if we] could use it for the album artwork and they were into my music, so said yes. It's composed of very rigid structures, hinting at recognisable architectural forms, but its very abstract at the same time. I'm always into the idea of juxtaposition in my music, trying to blend ideas or sounds that might not necessarily be associated with each other. The artwork resonates with me in that way.


Deft: "Every Single Thing"
Moresounds: "Estacion (Extended Mix)"
Om Unit: "The Red Curtain"
DJ Spinn: "I Really Feel"
Ital Tek: "Jupiter Ascent"
Ital Tek: "Control"
Chrissy Murderbot: "Waffle House"
Ital Tek: "Fireflies"
Lee Bannon: "216"
Ital Tek: "Cobalt"
Ital Tek: "Ultra"
Boxcutter: "Travel By Dragonfly"
DJ Rashad: "Feelin"
Photek: "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu"
Ital Tek: "Re Entry"
Cannibal Ox: "Scream Phoenix"
Ital Tek: "Doom/Dream"

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