Lea Bertucci: "An Unbroken Plane"

Lea Bertucci:

On her new 7", Light Silence, Dark Speech, New York-based composer, reedist, sound artist, etc. Lea Bertucci trades in her usual bass clarinet for an alto saxophone-- or, in the case of "An Unbroken Plane," many alto saxophones. The piece begins calmly, Bertucci's lone alto delivering a melodic call to worship, somewhat akin to Rite of Spring's bassoon intro. The call is answered-- more and more saxes enter the mix, droning and blurting and squeaking various short repeated phrases that weave in and out of phase with one another. By the three minute mark, the piece is densely populated with smooth-but-disorienting cascading sax sounds that, before the four minute mark, are largely replaced by an unnerving wall of industrial noises. A glimmer of saxophone pokes through near the end, uniting the piece.

Light Silence, Dark Speech is out now on I Dischi Del Barone, which also just released a 7" by Kostis Kilymis.

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