Kid Millions & Jim Sauter: "Hombre Secreto"

Kid Millions & Jim Sauter:

Fresh out of the caustic wilds of improvisational jazz and uninhibited avant-garde sounds, comes a new batch of tapes from Astral Spirits, including a collaboration between saxophonist Jim Sauter and avant-virtuoso drummer Kid Millions. The featured track “HOBRE SECRETO” teems with rough vehemence, the duo building off of one another’s frenzied approach. As the drums swell in density, Sauter ignites a layer of overdriven fuzz, emphasizing hidden overtones and basking in the squall. In support of the tape Sauter and Kid Millions are mounting three Texas performances this weekend. Check out their schedule here.

Jim Sauter & Kid Millions’ Boom casette is out June 23rd on Astral Spirits Records.

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