Kazyak: "Part I: Rabbiting Fox"


According to Minneapolis-based band Kazyak's website, lead singer Peter Frey returned to his childhood home to draw inspiration for the group's upcoming See the Forest, See the Trees EP. “Overlooking the snowy oaks and icy pond in the backyard,” Frey was able to “slow down enough to catch up with himself.” This Bon Iver-ian backstory certainly manifests itself in the aesthetic qualities of “Part I: Rabbiting Fox,” a particularly gorgeous cut from the EP. Beginning with an introspective, arpeggiated guitar line that reappears throughout the track in a variety of guises, the song elegantly and organically unfolds. Piano, banjo, a mix of organic and electronic percussion, and Frey's delicate vocals are all assimilated into the mix before the songs dissolves into its amorphous conclusion.

See the Forest, See the Trees is out on May 14. Preorder it here.

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