Johnny Hawaii: "The Parrots Are Not What They Seem (They’re Just Pigeons On Acid)"

Johnny Hawaii:

It's amazing that surf has made it this far. Despite its reptutation as "wa ha ha wipeout!" novelty musc from rock's fallow period between Sun Records' and the Beatles' first hits, surf's blood simple formula has loitered outside of the hall of fame for over 50 years. In the year 2013, people like France's Johnny Hawaii are still fetishizing, and more significantly, revising the genre for fresh means. Such is the case with "Parrots Are Now What They Seem (They're Just Pigeons On Acid)," which sees the Luau-sick dreamer mining pentatonic scales and shuffling drums in a jammy form like Sun Araw's if Sun Araw, ironically, did not actually come from Califonia. Francesco De Gallo's video-- yes, the Hobo Cubes dude-- deftly translates Hawaii's mission here, by manipulating video of birds and beaches to help us zone out to some very pleasant artifice. Johnny Hawaii's debut, Southern Lights, is rife with this stuff.

Southern Lights is out September 30 on Hands In The Dark and La Station Radar.

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