Jerry Paper: "Real. Now. Love."

Jerry Paper:

Who better than Jerry Paper to add another chapter to the by turns comic and uncanny tome of DIY CGI videos over the last few years? The video was created by Club Spa, an L.A. production team, who take a stab at animating the alternate reality inhabited by Jerry, the spiritual entity stuck between physical and digital plane, as distinguished from his host body Lucas Nathan. The video beams Jerry down to a posh, modernist dojo, where he can kick back when he’s not possessing Lucas to do some yoga, gawk at levitating purple gak, and lift weights, you know, all the things a JP at leisure is want to do. Jerry’s not the only one doing some flexing-- Club Spa is able to weave a full-fledged narrative (with a twist!) here, but not to the exclusion experimenting with the glitchy outer limits of the CGI medium.

"Real. Now. Love." comes from Paper's Big Pop for Chameleon World, one of our favorite albums of 2014, out now on Orange Milk. The video was made by Club Spa, whose animator made the amazing video for "Orion Beach" by D/A/D.

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