Jack Magma: "Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?"

Jack Magma:

If "Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?" initially causes a fair shot of confusion as to what's going on, keep in mind that's perfectly normal. Jack Magma throws a wild curveball of psychedelic R&B, making sure his big budget bedroom production is packed to the top with as many hook-makers as can be stuffed into it. It's an astonishingly refreshing debut, as addictive an indie R&B song can possibly get, and if you need another, more mainstream comparison: Nick Zanca (Mister Lies) has likened it as "FUTURE SEX/LOVE SOUNDS 2013." Make of that what you will. (via PORTALS)

"Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?" is taken from Jack Magma's debut EP The Electric Purple, which currently has no release date. Keep an eye out for it this year.

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