Listen to "Arcopora" from IXVLF's Upcoming 12"

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IXVLF returns to Unknown Precept with Involuntary Movement, the follow up to their stellar debut Language Of. Overflowing with gurgling synthesizers and erratic percussion, Involuntary Movement is a contorted melding of cacophonies. Connor Clasen shapes a uniquely rich palette of dance music, ripe with diverse tonal elements while its fierce repetitions bludgeon your nervous system. IXVLF creates a tangled web of rhythmic pulses on "Arcopora". Waves of synthesizer flow beneath hardened drum machine beats as haunting vocals faintly whisper almost subliminally. Involuntary Movement is a savage odyssey into a profoundly kaleidoscopic realm where diffused tones melt together causing bodily convulsions.

Involuntary Movement is out September 16 on Unknown Precept.

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