Ian Drennan: Ad Hoc Mix

Ian Drennan: Ad Hoc Mix

Ian Drennan's solo debut, The Wonderful World, really struck a chord with us when it dropped this past September: its bittersweet emotional dissonance and adventurous arrangement offered an atmosphere that was as terrifying as it was ecstatic. So, naturally, we were thrilled when Ian sent us this mix, which culls from all points on a strange spectrum of jazz, experimental electronic, folk, and more. Drennan offered this statement about the mix:

Prelude to Winter Wonderland. God in his wisdom made the fly. What we are dependent upon we call reality, and what we don't like we consider an intrusion in our life. Consequently, what's happening is that we are continually being intruded upon. Paraphrasing Morton Feldman. Surrender to it and call it culture. Culture? Systematic Rereading, Psycho-geography, Decoupling, De-hierarchization. Autonomous motion, Autonomous time and mass.

The Wonderful World is out now on Underwater Peoples and still streaming on Dummy. Ian will be playing a show in Brooklyn this Saturday (12/8) at 285 Kent with Eric Copeland, Highlife, and '70s Japanese noise legend Yximalloo. Check out the mix's tracklist after the jump.

01 Miles Davis: "Selim"
02 Seamus Ennis: "The New Demesne"
03 Antonin Artaud: "Maria Casares Sound Effects"
04 Merzbow: "Ambient Study For Kinbaku-bi Part 5"
05 Pierre Schaeffer: "L'oiseau Rai"
06 Henry Mancini: "White On White"
07 23 Skidoo: "Banishing"
08 Boyd Rice: "Out Out Out"
09 Panasist: "Dummy Robot"
10 Kazumoto Endo: "04"
11 Patty Waters: "You Thrill Me"
12 Tiny Tim: "Welcome To My Dream"
13 Hijokaidan: "Mantohihi"
14 P-Model: "1778- 1990"
15 Meat Beat Manifesto: "Echo In Space Dub"
16 Current 93: "From Broken Cross, Locusts"
17 浜田朱里: "恋のレッスン2"
18 Hanatarash: "Megaton Cock"
19 Chris Burden: "Send Me Your Money"
20 Joseph Beuys: "Instant Life"
21 Current 93 Presents: "Dangerous"
22 Peter Frohmader: "Medus, Part I"
23 Joe Hisaishi: "The Rain"
24 Susan: "AH! SOKA"
25 D.A.F.: "Verehrt Euren Haarschnitt"
26 Bertold Brecht: "Die Moritat Von Mackie Messer"
27 Tiny Tim: "True Love"
28 中森明菜: "風は空の彼方"

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