Heat and White: "Standing Wave"

Heat and White:

Olof Persson of Swedish duo Broken Boys made quite a splash this past week with Sea-Through, his first solo release as Heat and White. Where Broken Boys favor inventive sampling and passive aggressive beats in their ominous tunes, this new project relies on reverb-heavy guitar, reliably punchy drums, and a more relaxed sound palate at large. "Standing Wave" is a simultaneously pop-friendlier and more complex adaptation of Persson's conceptual multimedia project Stående våg, which translates as (you guessed it) "standing wave." It's highly conversant with the always trendy "beachy" guitar jam and semi-Balearic/Nordic tropicalia, but still manages to do its own thing. Wafts of highly melodic guitars, pianos, and melodicas mesh together beautifully while barely controlled synth arpeggiations threaten to break the song's delicate balance. Our advice: put on some good headphones, direct your eyes at the ceiling, and let go. (via International Tapes)

Sea-Through is now available from Zeon Light


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