Hartley C. White: "The Bicycle Lady"

Hartley C. White:

Jamaica-born, New York based musician Hartley C. White is a man of many musical styles and hobbies: from pop-rock to avant-garde, from multi-instrumentalism to martial arts. The man is all about movement, and it's a movement in one particular direction: forward. Over the years, he has developed a truly idiosyncratic, unimitable style he calls "Whopazootic Music", which is an extremely outsider take on pop music, achieving catchy hooks and choruses with some of the most unorthodox instrumentation around. "The Bicycle Lady" might be the brightest example of White's style, a nearly tribal, kalimba-driven on communal psych ecstasy, channeling the spirit of 60's avant-gardists like Godz while retaining pop music's transparency and catchiness. This little bipedal anthem is just a small sample from This Is Not What You Expect,a sprawling compilation documenting 25 years of Hartley C. White's creative work which avoids all attempts at being categorized.

This Is Not What You Expect is out now on OSR Tapes.

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