Happy Jawbone Family Band: "Fistful of Butter"

Happy Jawbone Family Band:

Over the last five years, the Happy Jawbone Family Band have been quietly putting a myriad of songs across numerous cassettes, LPs, and digital singles with a sound that takes the adolescant glee of skate punk and combines it with a healthy dose of psychedelia, jangly guitars, and amicable harmonies that is only possible from a group that has been close friends for a long time. Recently they were discovered by Brooklyn label Mexican Summer who commissioned a nine-song retrospective, Tastes the Broom, out later in January. This will be followed by the bands fourth full-length, recorded with Jarvis Taverniere of Woods. The single from Tastes the Broom, "Fistful of Butter" is a charmingly discordant singalong, innocent and mischevious like stealing liquor from your parents' cabinet.

Tastes the Broom is out January 29th on Mexican Summer.


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