Grumbling Fur: "Solar Nights & Rainwater"

Grumbling Fur:

And now for something completely different. The aim of these weekly premieres is to expose a not-entirely-metal audience to some brutal new sounds, and maybe win a convert or two. However, despite the largely non-metallic sheen of this week's entry, "Solar Nights & Rainwater" was just too good to pass up. Grumbling Fur is comprised of Alexander Tucker (Ginnugagap, Bardo Pond) and Daniel O'Sullivan (Miasma and The Carousel of Headless Horses). Instead of bludgeoning, this song hypnotizes. "Pop" in an anti-pop sort of way, droning and fuzzy without collapsing in onto itself, minimal without personifying the crashing bore, effervescent without lacking substance, Grumbling Fur manage to sing their way to sleep and back without ever getting boring. The track comes off the pair's Latitudes session with UK recording studio/label Southern Records, recently released in the form of an album called Alice. Give it a listen below.

 Grab Alice on CD or LP from Southern.

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