Grasshopper: "Worlds Dumbest Police Chases Caught on Tape Vol. 3"


Over the course of this track's thirteen minutes, Grasshopper-- the Brooklyn-based noise duo (part of Hex Breaker Quartet), not the Hong Kong-based boy band-- layer all sorts of noises on top of each other, starting with Cops-style dialogue and then adding static, feedback, glitchy electronics, what-sound-like fog horns, et. al. The increasing pile of noise culminates about eight minutes in, with the re-introduction of dialogue; as the intense sonic wall begins to crumble, we hear a weasly voice mention, "...a mountain of marijuana: twenty-seven pounds of pot!" The line is pretty damn funny on its own terms, but it's made all the more so by the increasingly beautifully harrowing context from which it arises.

Grasshopper 420th Infantry Drum and Bugle Corpse presents: Worlds Dumbest Police Chases Caught on Tape Vol. 3 is out now.

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