Good Willsmith: "What I am is a living, breathing example of how"

Good Willsmith:

Good Willsmith’s The Honeymoon Workbook was one of our favorites of this year when we took stock in June. Now, months later, the Chicago-based trio-- Natalie Chami and Hausu Mountain's Doug Kaplan and Maxwell Allison (Mukqs)-- returns to make year-end list writing just that much more stressful. We’d be mad if The Aquarium Guru Shares The Secret Tactic didn’t deliver-- and also promise enlightenment! What type of enlightenment? "What I am is a living, breathing example of how" provides a possible answer. All gentle whorls and whirlpools of sound, the piece retraces its meandering steps with slight variations. Drones linger blissfully, consolation for the disappointing realization that there may be no tactic dictated to us at the end of the tape. And for those of us more pragmatically-minded, take heed to the liner notes: “Keep breathing. Avoid mirrors.” Never heard better advice.

TAGSTST is out now on Baked Tapes.


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