Chicago Trio Good Willsmith Shares "Not Your Kids" from Upcoming Umor Rex LP

Chicago Trio Good Willsmith Shares

Been a while since we last checked in on Good Willsmith, the Chicago-based trio whose members are responsible for the Hausu Mountain label and numerous side projects such as The Big Ship, TALsounds, Mukqs, The Earth Is A Man, and l’éternèbre. Their second LP with Umor Rex, Things Our Bodies Used To Have, is the follow-up to 2014’s The Honeymoon Workbook (one of our favorite releases that year), and like all of their work before, the album is impressively presented as a live studio performance with no overdubs. Whereas Honeymoon had a single narrative arc to it, Bodies is structured in suite fashion with extended explorations on various moods. One of the most striking sections is “Not Your Kids,” where guitarist Doug Kaplan pulls out all the stops to, like Haino Keiji or Loren Connors, make blues relevant and meaningful in the context of current day experimental improvisation. Once again Good Willsmith shows that they can pull off what other can't, or maybe just haven't had the guts to try.

Things Our Bodies Used To Have will be available in a limited clear vinyl edition of 300 from Umor Rex on February 19.

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