Good Willsmith: “If Anything Happens to Me, My Password is Lady Lass" Video

Good Willsmith: “If Anything Happens to Me, My Password is Lady Lass

Next week, Chicago trio Good Willsmith will be releasing their first LP, The Honeymoon Workbook. It’s an extended performative experiment in a fashion similar to their previous efforts on the group’s own Hausu Mountain label. It’s their strongest song cycle, but the composition is played out in one big take to use their live chemistry advantageously. Its ending, “If Anything Happens to Me, My Password is Lady Lass,” is both on-fire and at-peace, as if you’re caught in the hospital room with someone who just accepted their death while their friend frantically begs them to hang on. Textural drones recur as mammoth-sized versions of their initial appearances earlier in the record, stumbling between the hissing ghosts of tragic chord progressions, yowled vocals, and disembodied sermons. When taken in the context of the whole record, it’s like a severe endorphin rush after a prolonged singe. However, on its own, the experience is chilling, disorienting, and heart-wrenching.

The track is available to stream with an accompanying video by John Elliott (Spectrum Spools, Outer Space, formerly Emeralds). The tribute to the dead is splotched with swaths of thick, suffocated paint globules racing across the film.

The Honeymoon Workbook is out March 25th on Umor Rex Records.

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