Giving Up: "Overdressed in Underwear"

Giving Up:

A scrappy Louisville-by-way-of-Iowa band, Giving Up formed in 2006, when its three members were still teenagers. Bound by a shared desire to "write songs, goof off and feel feelings," the band has been releasing material on Sophmore Lounge Records ever since. "Overdressed in Underwear" is the first track from Giving Up's upcoming split cassette with Boston's Saralee. With propulsive drumming, sharp, jangling guitars, and boy-girl vocal harmonies straining at the top of their range, the song is ruckous and sweet all at once.

You can watch the chilling-heavy video for "Overdressed in Underwear" below. The split tape-- called Great Price--is due out on Sophmore Lounge Records sometime this month, and you can pre-order it here.

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