The Garment District: "Bird or Bat"

The Garment District:

Earlier this year, Night People released an insane amount of new tapes. Among them was Melody Elder, the debut release from Jennifer Baron's Pittsburgh-based, outsider synth pop project The Garment District, featuring Television Personalities/Swell Maps legend Jowe Head on bass. "Bird Or Bat" is the third track and channels the pentatonic haunts of Broadcast's Tender Buttons in its staggered keyboard melodies and octave-span, dual female vocals. The hyper-real home footage of the new Albert Birney created music video is a perfect fit, playing out like the intimate memories you fondly recall, even while questioning their accuracy.

The Melody Elder CS is available on Night People. This other video for "Nature Nurture," another cut from the album, just got Jennifer named a 2012 Design, Art, and Technology Finalist by The Pittsburgh Technology Council.

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