Former Selves: "Healing"

Bay Area musician and visual artist Paul Skomsvold, a.k.a. Former Selves, mixes ambience and drones to lush, beatific effect. His new CD-R, Telos, comes to us via the consistently exciting Bridgetown Records, and continues to expand his new age-indebted sonic palette. “Healing” is one of three main compositions on the tape (the others are “Telos” and “Perspectives", the latter of which was originally released as a split with the similarly-minded Kevin Greenspon). Peaceful keyboards and angelic synths guide us through Former Selves’ self-contained cosmos. The visual accompaniment is equally compelling; its pixelated, vaguely naturalistic projections and patterned psychedelia overwhelm any notion of real-world subject matter. Together they form an inseparable pairing where light and geometry calmly blend into sound and atmosphere.

Telos is out now on Bridgetown Records

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