Forefather: "Last Of The Line"


UK duo Forefather have long labeled their rousing, folk-infused heavy metal as "Anglo-Saxon Metal," and, well, if the shoe fits... Their latest album, Last of the Line, is an epic journey through Viking lore, utilizing classic twin guitar leads and a dual vocal attack to tell their tales of battle and bloodshed. Formed in 1997 by two brothers, Athelstan and Wulfstan, Forefather has long sought to glorify their roots while distancing themselves from folk metal's more frivolous inclinations (no trolls or beer steins here). As this and their previous releases make clear, these pagan odes and war hymns come straight from the heart, taking cues from Falkenbach, Bal Sagoth, and Bathory's Hammerheart and imbuing their compositions with their own very English sensibilities. We're streaming the title track below; into glory, we ride!

Last of the Line is out now via Seven Kingdoms.

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