Fire! Orchestra: "Exit! (Excerpt)"

Fire! Orchestra:

You may recognize Fire! as the trio that's been putting out about one killer album a year for the past three years, each with a very different collaborator. Last year was Oren Ambarchi-- In the Mouth a Hand-- the year before that was Jim O'Rourke with Unreleased? But this year, Fire!'s collaborator is an entire damn orchestra. The trio of saxman and ivory tickler Mats Gustafsson, bass/guitar/keys bro Johan Berthling, and skin-hitter Andreas Werliin expanded their combo into something massive, treating the project less as "Fire! goes symphonic" and more as "Fire! vs the symphony orchestra." Strings and operatic singing are juxtaposed with sax skronk, grinding guitars, and the sense that everyone involved was having a rockin' good time.

Fire! Orchestra's Exit! is out Feburary 5 on Rune Grammofon.

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