Estrangers: "Monarchs"


Winston-Salem-based Estrangers' last sonic trek, the humble Sunmelt EP, was decidedly rougher around the edges than its 2011 album, Black Ballroom. The five-piece outfit seems to have been yearning for the opposite approach on its sophomore full-length Season of 1000 Colors. The degraded acoustics of its previous effort are traded for a sterilized sheen, making the earnestness of pieces like bolting pop tune "Monarchs" almost disarming. But there's no need for alarm: the surf-tinged track is full of space, letting the band's instrumentation hang in the open air while waves of warm guitars knock up against equally maxed-out keyboards as vocalist Philip Pledger see-saws his way through the tune.

Season of 1000 Colors is out June 11 on Phuzz Sounds.

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