Estonian Three-Piece Holy Motors Push For Transcendence on "Running Waters"

Estonian Three-Piece Holy Motors Push For Transcendence on

On the opening of their new track “Running Waters,” B-side to their debut 7” single “Heavenly Creatures,” Tallinn, Estonia three-piece Holy Motors acquaints the listener with a somnambulant snaking guitar line before Lauri Raus’s sirenic vocals dare and ensnare, alluring in their delivery, entrapping in their substance. The song is drenched in reverb, a nod to the cinematic expansiveness of a Morricone Spaghetti Western score and the cosmic evocation of the archetypal desert. Between the two verses and choruses of the song and the final instrumental break, the introductory guitar line comes and goes, peeking in at times to check on the listener’s progress and mood. The song hits like the final push for a summit, begging spiritual or psychic transcendence—the voice saying “go on” when you can’t go on, but must.

Heavenly Creatures comes out October 16 on Wharf Cat Records

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