Eli Keszler: "Catching Net (excerpt)"

Eli Keszler:

Eli Keszler shares more than a few commonalities with the late, great Iannis Xenakis: both explored architectural or physical forms in music, questioned technology's role within it, and-- even despite Keszler being a Finalist in this year's Gaudeamus International Composers Award and a graduate of the New England Conservatory-- are rogues of the music academy, or at least travelled an unconventional path. Catching Net, which compiles the audio from the NYC-based composer's multimedia piece Cold Pin, takes the next conceptual step of Xenakis' mathematical avant-garde by dealing with abstract structures in musical form, while still physically representing them in his installations-turned-instruments-- more specifically, the way we trade information and the blurring of whose sent and whose received. Available for stream is an excerpt from the title track, which was composed for string quartet, piano, and the an accompanying installation of long, prepared piano wires suspended in compex geometric patterns, then struck and scraped by Keszler himself via remote devices.

Catching Net drops as a 2-CD collection tomorrow on PAN. If you're in the NYC area, you can catch the opening day of his L-Carrier installation at the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, which will feature a full multimedia performance for ensemble and installation.

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