Eilbacher, Moskos, and Moore Document a "Bad Sesh at the Café"

Eilbacher, Moskos, and Moore Document a

Those unfamiliar with the names Eilbacher, Moskos, and Moore might take the trio to be an exploratory prog-jazz unit; those more familiar may know that the three have played in, among other acts, Horse Lords, Drainolith, and Headband respectively—which, knowing each of those groups' instrumental prowess and impish character, could still certainly mean that their new LP, SEF III, is some sort of righteous spin on Medeski, Martin, and Wood. But no, SEF III trades slick chord changes for jilting sonic collages, glitchy processing, and the sonorous sound of Alex Moskos's voice, waxing poetic over his bandmates' clatter in a manner similar to his late-2015 tape, Moskos Reads the Zonal Poets, Vol. 1. Following an inspired update of "I'm Sitting in a Room" and the Dust Brothers-esque "Cut-Up Music" is "Bad Sesh at the Café," a twelve-minute enactment of its title. Moskos sets the scene: there's a cafe, someone named "Crippy," and plenty of hypnagogic imagery. The story ends quickly, at least verbally; environmental sounds come in only to get replaced by flowing walls of electronic noise, which in turn increase in interest and variation before ending abruptly (but not before frying your brain).

SEF III is out June 24 on Ehse Records. The trio's going on tour; dates are after the jump.

June 22 – Philadelphia @ The Vat
June 23 – Baltimore @ Floristree
June 24 – NYC @ Red Light District
June 25 – Providence @ Tommy's Bar
June 26 – Easthampton @ The Flywheel
June 28 – Pittsburgh @ The Shop
June 29 – Cleveland @ Maple Lanes
June 30 – Detroit @ Trinosophes
July 01 – Toronto @ 8-11
July 02 – Montreal @ La Vitrola

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