Eartheater: "Homonyms"


The strange word "Metalepsis" is the title of forthcoming album by Eartheater aka Alex Drewchin of Guardian Alien.  It means to embed an abrieviated common idea or phrase in a new framework as in: "I couldnt sleep, the bedbugs were biting me all night." In philosophy its a hyperlinking, of sorts, between two separate realities that refract and imply each other, you know, kind of like that movie Sliding Doors.  Its a lovely psychedelic concept and it appropriately illustrates the single "Homonyms" which sits in a web of references.  The guitar and vocal work are reminiscent of breezy 60's psych-folk like Linda Perhacs but it has an ambient electronic lean that is self-aware of its own babbling rythm.  Mechanical tablas guide and format Drewchin's complex melodies which swoop through processed alien harmonies in iridescent laptop reverb.  Best of all, unlike many vocalists in experimental pop who drench themselves in wafting cavernous murk, Drewchin's lyrics are mostly audible and this is good because they are outstanding.  Dense, provocative, and transcendent, they anchor the foggy melodic whimsey and thread it into a warm electric tapestry. 

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