Drunken Sufis: "O^O^O" Video

NYC avant rockers Drunken Sufis are prepping their sixth album, Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs, for release just before the end of April. Their previous releases explored conceptual war zone wastelands in the form of dense drones and unsettling atmospheres, but their latest, while still reliant on concept and experiment, is decidedly brighter and freer. It’s an instrumental collection of 26 bubblegummy spasms spread out over an unpredictable 23-minute grin, like some neon-hued children’s dance recital set entirely to Ponytail and Naked City. Its improvisatorial nature is exhilarating, but its brevity distills it to it’s most memorable, ear-catching moments.

Each track has an accompanying video by Louis Lucci. One has been released each day leading up to the April 28th release date, mostly consisting of boldly contrasted pinks, greens, and purple swirls of melting, morphing cotton candy. The tracks are titled alphabetically, and today’s released video is “O^O^O,” which you can check out above via Vimeo.

Cotton Candy Cluster Bombs is out April 28th on Bad Friend Records. They’ll be playing their record release show April 29th at Palisades in Brooklyn. You can watch the other videos for the album in Lous Lucci's Vimeo profile.

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