Dreamcrusher Shares Powerful, Young Thug-Sampling "Myrtle Ave-Broadway"

Dreamcrusher Shares Powerful, Young Thug-Sampling

It’s a wonderful thing that a queer black artist such as Dreamcrusher’s Luwayne Glass can make a big splash in the world of experimental music and get people excited about going out to shows and being part of a community. Glass is still one of the few non-white people performing regularly at Palisades, Silent Barn, and the newly re-opened Market Hotel, all of which are within spitting distance of Brooklyn's Myrtle Avenue-Broadway intersection (between the historically black and hispanic neighborhoods, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick). Glass’s hair was nearly set on fire by a worthless individual during Dreamcrusher’s set at the Market Hotel premiere, and the very next day instrumental track “Myrtle Ave-Broadway” was created at home while the entire city was shut down by snowstorm Jonas. The track samples Young Thug and a YouTube video that features a fight breaking out between gambling delinquents in Brownsville. “Myrtle Ave-Broadway” is the closest Dreamcrusher has come to doing a straight-up hip-hop track, but it perfectly exemplifies the fairly tame yet sketchy nature of late-night life in the area in 2016, and it’s a shame that black kids now have to add “noise bros setting hair on fire” to the list of things they need to worry about. 

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