DJ Deeon: "I Told You"

DJ Deeon:

Alongside DJ Funk, Chicago southside native DJ Deeon is one of the prime pillars in the foundation of Chicago's Ghetto House, a dirty, cursed precursor to footwork and juke. Deeon's output prior to his newest EP was prolific and infamous, unfiltered sex music best heard on an earthshaking system during the twilight of the witching hour.

Deeon's newest EP, Debo G Chronicles Volume 1, comes after his long battle with cancer-- the same battle that cost him a leg. Deeon's raw sound still survives, showing the master hasn't lost his touch but has gained more venom and energy in the process. Across the EP, Deeon swaggers on the mic while unleashing his signature kicks and rapidfire synths across the mix. Penultimate tune "I Told You" condenses everything that's superb about the EP into a tight, banging three minutes. 

Debo G Chronicles Volume 1 is out now on Booty Call

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