Ditt Inre: "Vi Kommer Aldrig Bli Som Er"

Ditt Inre:

Even though they speak in a funny tongue, Swedish people aren't that different than you or me. They drink coffee, have identity crises, and are very white. They also tend to make some top notch synth pop, and Ditt Inre proves that The Knife is no anomalie in that Nordic nation of islands. Yet unlike the siblings Dreijer, Ditt Inre keeps it real with their native tongue. The Stockholm digital dreamers are prepping their debut full-legnth for Cascine, following up last year's En Värld I Brand EP. Regardless of the language barrier, "Vi Kommer Aldrig Bli Som Er" is a real catchy little toe-tapper, simultaneously carrying the torch of post-M83 electronica revivial while stripping away the cliches and revamping the pads and bubble bass for 2013 ears.

Värd Mer än Guld-- meaning "worth more than gold"-- is out September 3 on Cascine.

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