Dean Blunt: "Trident"

Dean Blunt:

Another year, another handful from Dean Blunt. This time around we hear Blunt zeroing in on the uncanny pop sampling style that peppered The Redeemer in the name of some skewed R&B. The video for "Trident" pulls a curious modal shift, with guitar noodling over crime scene footage abruptly cutting to a consumately YouTube-style video of the track playing against a low quality image of the single's art. As always, Blunt's work is confounding and compelling in ways we hadn't seen coming, and the video is sure to inspire a lot of chatter. Considering the fact that the chatter will likely engage Blunt as a capital-A "Artist," it's funny to consider that "Trident" is a form that the high-brow can assume in music these days.

Black Metal is out November 4 on Rough Trade.

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