Dean Blunt: "Felony / Stalker 7"

I feel like, for a variety of reasons, it might be pointless to speculate on exactly what's going on in this new video from Dean Blunt, but at least the gathered clues seem to hint at a forthcoming 7" comprised of the two tracks ("Felony" and "Stalker") combined in this video. Dean, or the character he's playing, is consumed by betrayal, playing the role of the odd man out in an affair. Between his icy delivery and broad language, it remains difficult to tell whether the affair is a trusted partner cheating on an old vow or a total stranger locked in sight of his inner stalker, leaving a suspenseful empathy with a protagonist whose intentions haven't truly been exposed as good, bad, or anything at all. Also, oddly enough, the timestamp is on the anniversary of an earlier leak of "Stalker," so perhaps there is some significance in June 24th? You can stream the video and preview the tracks from the youtube embed above.

You can grab his recent full-length and one of our favorites, The Redeemer, from Hippos in Tanks.

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