Daniel Wyche: "The Fire in the Lacquer House" Video

Daniel Wyche:

Late last year, Chicago-based guitarist Daniel Wyche released The Fire in the Lacquer House on Pretty All Right Records. The CS consisted of two side-length compositions that were recorded and mixed by Drew M. Gibson (BBDDM, Katrina Stonehart). The pieces are in constant drift-- textures stretch out like long exhalations trying to synchronize. The listening experience starts to feel like deep-focused floating once you succumb to feeling it out one breath at a time and give up on mapping it out with your ears.

Kyle Drouin (Spooky Moon, ADT) made a video for the A-side and title track, “The Fire in the Lacquer House." It will be screening tonight at emerging Chicago DIY spot Lake Paradise, along with a video for the B-side made by Mark Fragassi (Toupee).

However, for those not in the area, you can stream it below.

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