Dan Friel: "Thumper"

Dan Friel:

Overdriven chiptune? Hell, why not? Dan Friel and his late collective, Parts and Labor, are often go-to's for the balance of pummeling sheets of sound and killer melody. "Thumper" has exactly that-- a hook that automatically drills itself to the very core of your head and takes up permanent residence alongside memories of getting creamed in Bionic Commando. Or at least the last time you were punched in a mosh pit. Giving weight to that nostalgia is Friel's approach to composition: the synths you hear on the record are from a 1984 Yamaha Portasound (Friel's first instrument, period), while the sequencing and fraying around the edges were done on a 2001 computer running OS9. It gives "Thumper" an extra sweet punch, creating one hell of a lead-in to his new record.

Total Folklore is out February 19th on Thrill Jockey. You can pre-order the record here, and the first 500 who purchase the vinyl will receive an orange pressing of the album. In addition, anyone who pre-orders will be entered to win a custom made music box that plays the hook from "Thumper." 

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