dak: "youstandit"


For how wildly the key participants' backgrounds vary, the LA beat scene has managed to cultivate a cohesive, immediately recognizable identity: tactile rhythmic programming, warped colorations of format fidelity, and an absorptive dream-state atmosphere that owes as much to Claude Debussy as J Dilla. But even with a relatively established MO, when people gather at the sound's headquarters, Low End Theory, for a night, the sincerest kudos are reserved for those willing to dive into the left-field.

Over the past several years, Dakim Saadiq has quietly built up a status as cult godfather in LA for his fearless electronic alchemy. The expatriated Detroit beatmaker otherwise known as dak has a deep understanding of hip hop, but on his decade-spanning, double album compilation for Matthewdavid's Leaving Records, youstandit / leftrecord, he applies his home city's abstract leanings to a more diverse stylistic palette. The slippery, scalar guitar and keys melody of "youstandit" unfolds over an uptempo, instrumental rock beat, swirling in and out of phases on the stereo field like a breeze cracking through your car window while highway cruising.

youstandit / leftrecord drops July 24th on Leaving Records.

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