Crypt Of Kerberos: "Ancient War"

Crypt Of Kerberos:

Reissues and demo compilations are always sort of hit or miss; you could be getting gold, but more often than not, you're paying more for material that should have stayed on the cutting room floor. It's always a pleasant surprise when such a release actually holds its own, so Crypt of Kerberos' World of Myths was a welcome discovery. Set for release via underground champions Pulverised Records, this reissue of the Swedish band's 1993 opus includes brand new artwork and never-before-released demo tracks of the entire World Of Myths album, recorded in 1992. What's on offer here is an oddball style of progressive, off-kilter, but still thoroughly old-school death metal, with moments of crushing doomed heaviness and innovative riffage along the lines of Nocturnus, Pestilence, and early Cynic. We're streaming "Ancient War" below.

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