Cloudland Canyon: Prophetic Frequencies

The Memphis-based prophets Cloudland Canyon have gradually, over the course of myriad singles and collaborations the past few years, moved away from their hybrid form of apache anthems found on 2008's masterful Lie in Light and 2010's emotionally complex Fin Eaves, choosing instead to explore angular space, electro thrash, and gritty proto-techno (to awesome results). The Sonic Boom-produced "Prophetic Frequencies" is the latest to get a video treatment with the help of Chris Hontos and Tim Krause, who've juxtaposed nasty and beautiful basement punk show documentation with fractal galactic travel, Autobahn trace, and Kelly Ulhorn's celestial, thoughtform-laden mantras. Considering how aggressive Cloudland Canyon's brand of pounding hypnosis has become, perhaps slamdancing isn't that inappropriate of a response. (via The Decibel Tolls)

The Prophetic Frequencies 12" is available now via Monofonus!

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