Check Out Purity Control's Spun O Lith Video

OG freak on the Brooklyn freak scene, Bushwick visual artist Rebecca Gaffney is diving head first into the label game with a split between LaL8 and Purity Control. You may recognize the former as Lala Harrison Ryan of Excepter, who recently sojourned back to the Manzana Grande after a couple of years in Los Angeles. Purity Control is Gaffney's own band-- with Dan McNeil and, here, Danny Moore of Pvre Matrix-- something of a dark electronics/downer-shuffle unit usually carted out in conjunction with artsier shows. One such performance came during Gaffney's Spun O Lith installation at Fitness Gallery, during which the split recording was taken. The video itself, mixed by Matthew Caron and Peter Shapiro, is full of epileptic flashing and uncanny valley-obliterating facial distortion. Guess it's that time again to freak out the squares.

The split is out now on Gaffney's newly minted Outlander/Dancer label.

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