CE Schneider Topical Shares "Exit All Seasons" Video

CE Schneider Topical Shares

Christina Schneider and Zach Phillips are CE Schneider Topical, a project centered around the duo's whimsical art-songs transformed by eccentric, manual arrangements which are recorded straight to a Tascam 388. "Exit All Seasons" is a track taken from the band's latest LP, Antifree, and set to glitchy digital animation created by Greg O'Connell of quiet hooves. The accompanying video peers into a digital city and gives the audience a passive tour of the decaying simulacrum of avatars' daily routines inside a misfiring graphics card. Like other quirky releases in the OSR extended family, there is an outsider, DIY charm channeled through Phillips and Schneider's dedication to live takes and reel-to-reel recording. Phillip's description of the process from OSR's website reads, "it's thick with the elusive art of multitracking : not that clever craft of 'production' so beloved by intellectual materialists but a multitracking that is instrumental and personal in nature , a pan-dimensionaliztion (sic) of ear ." Seeing the humanism of the band's recording process set against the video's digital disassociation reinforces the idea of music-making as human act. On their latest, CE Schneider Topical embraces the aesthetics of home-recording as a way to further their creative message, conciously favoring analog takes rather than letting their music be diluted by digital automation. 

Antifree is out now through OSR Tapes

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