Cauldron Black Ram: "The Poisoner"

Cauldron Black Ram:

Avast! Although they’ve been kicking around their native Adelaide scene since 1996, Australian black/death metal horde Cauldron Black Ram first truly made their mark on the international scene with 2004's Skulduggery LP, a ravenous slab of nautical(!) -themed brutality. Eight years down the road and with one more full-length under their bulletbelts, these Antipodean rapscallions haven't missed a beat. The band are currently at work on their third studio album and are planning a vinyl release of 1997’s self-titled debut EP. In the meantime, their latest release, The Poisoner, has been unleashed as a maxi-EP single by Abysmal Sounds, and features a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it seventeen minutes' worth of blackened, thrashy death metal. Check out the title track below.

Grab The Poisoner from Abysmal Sounds

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