Caterina Barbieri: "Undular"

Caterina Barbieri:

“Undular,” the first sample of Caterina Barbieri’s debut full-length Vertical-- based entirely on Buchla synthesizer sounds and vocals-- unfolds at a pace all its own. Barbieri also records under the moniker Odisseo Undular and plays in Italian “psych new wave” quintet Sex With Giallone, describing her music’s intended effect as involving the listener’s mind “in a holistic way.” “Undular” reveals the potential present in each singular tone-- as well as the movement of a piece as a whole-- to envelop the listener with little regard for linear time. Each sound is both a piece of a larger whole-- an ever-fluctuating stream of techno-inflected minimalism-- and a world unto itself, rich with texture and resonance that draws the listener in with a magnetic pull. You could say that the music is slow, but this would rise the question, “Slow in relation to what?”.

Vertical is out September 16 on Important Records and its tape imprint Cassauna.

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