The Cannanes: "A Bigger Splash" Video

The Cannanes:

Australian DIY veterans, The Cannanes, are back with a new album and a video to accompany one of its most memorable tracks-- the clean and wry "A Bigger Splash". The video shares a playful ambiguity with the track, which is to say it's smart, laugh-out-loud funny, and without a clear message. Shot imprecisely on a handheld camera, the video alternates between scenes of Aussies digging for records, the street, the woods, a stuffed kangaroo, and-- best of all-- crude images of "A Bigger Splash" playing on SoundCloud. Near the end, one of the SoundCloud comments reads, "Is this rock?" and is followed by one that says, "Amazing." Sounds about right.

The album, Howling At All Hours, is out now on Chapter Music.

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